A Stress-Free Point of View (2020-ongoing)[access all images / statement]

UGGA, curated by Mafalda Duarte Barrela, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland, 2021 (originally Procur.arte, Lisbon, Portugal, 2020)

Rites of Passage, curated by Zohreh Deldadeh, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland, 2021

“Please Just Let Me Go” in PRIDE, curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell and Orestes Gonzalez, Plaxall Gallery, NYC, USA, 2021

Under (De)construction, curated by Jenny Lindhe, Landskrona Foto, Sweden, 2020

Sealegs (2015-2019) [access all images / statement]

Notes, curated by Lisa Kereszi, Green Gallery, Yale School of Art, Connecticut, USA, 2019

Cover of Sealegs, edition of 50 published by GHP, Connecticut, USA, 2019